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to make it more contagious in mom malls. mother contagious? that's what mad scientists too crazy mad scientists, you're done. [ whistles ] >> finally everyone making fun of beyonce for lip sinking the national anthem, you are absolutely done. yes, it's our national anthem and she's a pro, but if there's a sure fire way to avoid this happening. ♪ at the last gleaming ♪ >> i say we do it. people complaining, you're done. i'm done talking now. >> what was that? thank you brett forgiving me the strength to admit this whole broadcast was lip synched
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someone is always in our war room. check us out at our website facebook page, twitter page, check out our web extras. have a great night. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> cenk: just when you thought the republicans couldn't get any lower, one said women who have been raped should carry it to term because it would be tampering with the evidence if they didn't and they would be put in jail. >> just when you thought president obama couldn't protect the bankers anymoren that does, he picks mary wade. >> you should not fail to
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extinguish between what is criminal and what is mistaken behavior even reckless risk-taking and now bow to the frenzy. >> cenk: in other words, oh, hell no, we will not be going after the banks at all. great. that's the person we picked. and then, a tragic case in illinois, a man beaten to death by cops. it's just been ruled a homicide, so of course, prosecutors are saying they're not going to do anything about it. here's the reaction. >> officers are placed on temporary leave pending the outcome of this investigation will be returned to full duty immediately. >> cenk: it's an exciting show. don't go anywhere. you know why? because it's go-time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ]
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>> cenk: we had rare great news yesterday for progressives, women will now finally be allowed into the front lines of combat. they already had in of course the navy and air force, because they fly the planes, but now the army and marines will have to do it. panetta said those two branches will have to take time to implement it. let's listen to his announcement yesterday. >> every time i've met with troops reviewed military operations and talked to wounded warriors, i've been impressed with the fact that everyone everyone, men and women alike everyone is committed to doing the job. they're fighting and they're dying together and the time has come for our policies to recognize that reality. >> cenk: i love it when they say obvious things like it turns out the women in our armed forces are also dedicated to doing the
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job. of course, of course they are! if you remember, we discussed this on "the young turks" before. i had reservations about that. i'm going to talk to my guests about it in a second. women are already in the front lines abc has a report. >> no longer will combat roles be considered a boys job because of mary heger on the front lines in afghanistan thee years ago when the medi vac helicopter was shot down. she survived and was one of four women to sue leon panetta challenging the military's long-standing ban on women in combat. >> cenk: and of course now she has won. look what happens when you actually fight. that is definitely good news. let me give you some stats here. women comprise 14% of active personnel, that's a huge number. 14,208,000 women have been sent to iraq, afghanistan and neighboring nations.
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152 female service members have been killed, unfortunately. led me bring in a guest, repair are a bassett from the had huffing to know post. i feel like i haven't talked to you in forever. >> it's been a long time. good to see you. >> great to see you. let's start here, even though i'm a good lib and think this is probably -- not probably, a step in the right direction i do have some concerns. first of all i'm sure they say they are going to take the same tests as guys, right but at some point, is there going to be an issue where they say only 3% of the people in the front lines are women and you're going to have to increase the percentage. am i crazy for being concerned about that? >> that's what most people are concerned about right now. the pundits and conservative groups are coming out and saying every politically correct thing we have done in the military has weakened the military. the military is still the military and they're primarily
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concerned with people's safety and they're talking about gender neutral tests and if there's a job you have to have upper body strength, they're not going to put them out there. it's a worry that all of these women are going to be shoved out to do hand to hand combat. i think women qualified to do certain jobs will do them and if they are not qualified won't be put in the line of harm. >> cenk: i think it's actually the strongest military in the history of the world so i'm not overly concerned about that portion. let me read you a couple of quotes: >> cenk: to tucker's point, laura, aren't women like for example, tammy duck worth
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already in battle or were in battle, and so doesn't that point seem a little outdated? >> it does. i'm glad you brought up tammy duck worth the congresswoman from illinois. she's missing two legs, from having them blown up flying a helicopter in combat. this is already going on. why is it worse for a woman to lose her limbs than a man? if she wants to do those jobs knowing full well what they entail and could result in, why not let her do it? i don't understand why approximate this is a gender issue at all. >> they don't mind sending men into their meat grinder for the war we're in, but are slightly concerned about women. let me bring up another issue. unintended militaries in the military are about twice the general population's average, so could that be an issue in the front lines?
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>> could unintended pregnancy be an issue on the front line? i'm sure they're not going to let a pregnant woman go to combat. >> cenk: no, no, i don't mean that. i mean people getting pregnant in the front lines. >> you know, sure, that could be a problem. i think that school assault in the military needs to be cracked down on. i think people are worried about women in close quarters with men, what's going to go on. i'm not a military expert. i don't know, i don't see why it should be a hindranco for qualified women to be in the front lines. >> cenk: house bill 20 oh six introduced by state ref cathrynn brown would charge a rape victim who ended her pregnancy with
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tampering with evidence. that's seems unbelievable. >> i read about this this morning. i was blown away by it, too. it's one of the odder and more extreme bills that i've seen since i've been covering these reproductive rights issues. she said what i meant with this bill is to deter rapists it's to say that you can't rape a woman and then force her to have an abortion, because that's going to be tampering with the evidence. that's not what the bill says. the bill says that having an abortion is tampering with evidence and is a third degree felony. if a woman does it, if a rapist forces her to do it, which i don't see that happening very often, the woman would be thrown in jail for three years. the fact is that having an abortion i guess not tampering with evidence, i mean, to get graphic here, even if the fetus has been abarted it can still be used in evidence as the same way a fetus still growing could.
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the legislation makes no sense on any logical level at all. >> cenk: i'm not buying it. i think what she tried to do here was to do a draconian bill so women who are raped cannot get an abortion and she thought ha ha, i'm limiting abortion in some new and ingenius way. when everybody said you're one of the most vile people on the planet said i don't mean that. you get a sense of whether she was disingenuous in claiming, no, i care about the woman more than abortion. >> it's absolutely disingenuous. with personhood bills, and the trap laws that restrict abortion clinics, when you ask the lawmaker what the bill is about he always said to protect women or protect women's health. it's almost like paternalistic we're restricting abortion for
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the woman's own good. she's used the words i'm trying to protect women from rape it. no you're not you're trying to make it more difficult for a woman to exercise her constitutional rights to an abortion. >> cenk: a rapist has absolutely no right to force the woman he's raped to get an abortion. no such thing exists. that's totally made up. there goes one of her excuses. laura, great coverage, really appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you for having me on. >> cenk: did you know the nra was actually in favor of gun control? when they were worried that black people had guns. it's an amazing story. we've got legislators fighting back on gun control, of course be including caroline mccarthy. >> i kept saying what's wrong with all of us? how many people have to be killed before we do something?
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to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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these talking points, that the right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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>> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." senator feinstein is one of those legislators who doesn't want to give up on gun control. she's going to reintroduce legislation to ban assault weapons and had a press conference today. >> today my colleagues and i are introducing a bill to prohibit the sale, transfer, manufacture, and importation of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices that can accept more than 10 rounds. we prohibit 158 specifically named military style firearms. the purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time. >> cenk: hear, hear, go get them. caroline mccarthy is probably
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the strongest advocates in the house. she speaks out here, as well. >> i've watched the slaughter of so many people and met with so many victims over the years and in congress, nobody wanted to touch the issue and the last several years, the massacres were going on more and more. going through it, i kept saying what's wrong with all of us? how many people have to be killed before we do something? >> cenk: they chose an interesting way to do this press conference. they did it in front of a wall of guns that they plan on banning. so it was an interesting visual. of course, the people who are not moved by this is the nra. wayne lapierre gave a speech in
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reno accusing president obama of a conspiracy. >> he wants to put every private personal firearm transaction right under the thumb of the federal government. he wants to keep all of those names in a massive federal registry. there's only two reasons for a federal list on gun owners, to either tax them or take them. >> cenk: that's absolute nonsense. what we're trying to figure out is who's felons, who's mentally ill. what's really interesting is that has not always been the nra position. there was an interesting article where they explained they switched positions earlier: >> cenk: it's interesting the parallel between a lot of the
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gun owners today and a lot of the owners back them. back then, the n.r.a. wasn't in favor of that. all of a sudden they started talking about gun control. the black panthers said: >> cenk: when the black panthers were saying that, the n.r.a. was not buying it. let me bring in the man who wrote the book on this, called "gunfight, the battle over the right to bear articles in america." talk to me about the context of the second amendment when passed. >> it was added to the constitution right when the framers were trying to adopt the new constitution. it was designed to protect the individual's right to have a firearm. the founding fathers didn't believe in a standing army. they thought we would be protected by a citizen's militia, and thought people would go home, grab their guns and be ready to fight in an
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instant, hence the minute man. the founding fathers also had gun control laws. the second amendment wasn't a libertarian license for anyone to have any gun anytime they wanted. >> cenk: the second amendment a clause in there that is a limiting factor to people having weapons. we think about what the weapons were back then. it's interesting. we had somebody on our production team. ray, come in here for a second. this looks like a musket. how old is this gun a couple hundred years. >> this gun's been dated 1700 to 1800. >> cenk: that's awesome. i didn't notice the handle. >> this is william of orange that led the resistance. >> cenk: you own this? >> i inherited it from my father who got it in germany in world war ii. my father passed away. this is one of the things that i got.
4:20 pm
>> cenk: i'm for gun control right, but as i see you holding that weapon and the history in your family, i get it. that i want you to keep that, but at the same time, it's interesting, because they obviously weren't talking about rocket propelled grenades. they were talking about this. >> this is actually pretty time consuming to load and be prepared to fire, unlike today's a.r.15's, the subject of senator feinstein's bill which can fire many rounds as many times and as fast as you can pull the trigger. >> cenk: that's not a musket, right? >> this is a loading flintstone shotgun. it hasn't been fired in over 100 years. >> cenk: have you been tempted to fire it? >> no, i'm afraid it would blow up. >> cenk: out of curiosity, how many guns do you have? >> nine. >> cenk: nine?
4:21 pm
>> a lot of them i inherited from my father and they're not shootable. >> cenk: i'm sorry to spring this on you but what do you think? obviously you got your own opinion, you're a gun other than, et cetera. automatic weapons, what do you think about a ban? >> no citizen should have an automatic weapon. >> cenk: i'm sorry assault weapons. >> well, an assault weapon, we'll have a difference in that, i have friends who have a.r.15s and they've never assaulted anybody. it's not an assault weapon. that's a name that's been put on it. >> cenk: it's really kind of an arbitrary thing what you call an assault weapon and not. >> true, i saw an advertisement that showed a 10 shot .22 rifle that was made up to look like an assault rifle. this weapon would be on that list. >> cenk: what do you think of a
4:22 pm
background check? >> i have no problem having a background check. >> cenk: you're awesome. >> you want me to show you how to load it? the fastest person back in the day could load this in 20 seconds. in a minute, you get off three rounds, you got three rounds in a minute. i'm not very proficient with this, but we'll give this a try. >> cenk: ok. >> i didn't bring the proper stuff. we're just going to pretend. the first thing you would do is take your gun powder and load up for whatever you're going to do. you have to have enough gun powder to force the projectile out. we're going to ram down the rod. i'm not going to do it all the way, because i don't want to get it stuck in the gun. >> cenk: already i can determine. >> my projectile i will load in
4:23 pm
there. once again i'm not fast at this. i'll ram it down. i come over here and i get my flints out of the holder, of which we're going to pretend. i talk it, put it in here, i'm ready to fire. i fire. when i want to do it genuine have to repeat that process all over again. >> cenk: that's such a pain in the ass i'm surprised we had wars back then. who wants to do all that? obviously, you would do it in 20 seconds. >> i'm fumbling because i'm nervous, you would be, too. >> cenk: especially with another guy with a similar weapon, and he's already loaded. >> cenk:loaded.
4:24 pm
>> one of the most interesting things i found is that there's a long complicated history of racism and gun control. not saying all gun control laws are racist, anymore than all apparently laws are racist, but there's a history of racism through gun laws. the founding fathers, the k.k.k. was founded in part as a gun organization to take the guns out of the hands of blacks who armed themselves. >> cenk: every time you come on, you tell me an amazing fact. the k.k.k. wanted to disarm people. >> in the south blacks didn't own guns opinion in the chaos of the war some blacks became armed. the k.k.k. formed and said we need to take the guns out of the hands of blacks so they can't fight back new that makes the opposite point of what i make. to be fair and honest, the people who say we shouldn't do gun control could point to that
4:25 pm
and say it's the bad guys who want to disarm you right? >> that's true. it's a lesson to learn from, that flint lock that we just saw. senator feinstein said she wants to dry up these weapons. he's got a gun that's several hundred years old and could fire it if he wanted to. those assault weapons are going to be around in 300 years too. the technology will far outstrip them, but it's going to be difficult to dry up the supply of those weapons. >> cenk: how do we come to a reasonable conclusion, let ray keep his gun at the same time these a.r.15s we've got an ocean of them. i get the people are worried that the government doesn't want them to take your weapons, et cetera, so what's the middle ground? >> i think that what we're going to see is the assault weapons ban will ultimately be dropped from the proposal and maybe they'll get something on universal background checks. there's growing support for that, even with the n.r.a. in
4:26 pm
private conversations with various senators. i think the compromise will be we might see some gun control laws, probably not going to see an assault weapons ban. >> cenk: appreciate it. when we come back, an unfortunate case of a man beaten to death in illinois and prosecutors are not charging the cops involved, even though it justify got ruled a homicide. >> is this going to happen to another mother? and when is this going to stop? it's a coverup a plain coverup. today's headlines. only on current tv.
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>> cenk: darrin hanna was beaten by police in chicago in november. he wound up dying. here's a scene that wls recorded in chicago innocent of next year because the case became adjudicated and people were upset he when the officers were not charged. >> four our officers temporarily placed on leave pending the outcome of this investigation will be returned to full duty immediately. >> coverup! >> a strong reaction by friends and family of darrin hanna after four officers involved in his violent arrest were put back on the job. >> is this going to happen to another mother, and when is this going to stop? it's a coverup. a plain coverup. >> officer brandon yost was fired for putting him in a choke
4:31 pm
hold and lying about it. he was suspended for 30 days without pay for false tying the arrest. >> cenk: previously, county coroner refused to call it a homicide saying there were several different factors involved. we have a new coroner now. he said on tuesday that he's changing it from undetermined to homicide. none the less, of course, they've decided that they will not be charging the officers anyway. let me give you a picture of darrin before the beating and a picture after the beating and arrest. yeah, i wonder no the beating and arrest had something to do with him passing away a week later. now let me bring in ralph peterson, darrin's cousin and kevin o'connor, the family attorney. i want to play you the audio of the arrest of darrin. i think the audience will get a decent sense of what was happening there and and that who was calm and who was not and who
4:32 pm
felt in danger and who did not. let's watch. that >> cenk: you know, that's really hard to listen to, ralph. he's your cousin. what are the prosecutors say when they say we are not going to cardinal the cops and do you believe them? what's your reaction? >> actually, i feel that there's enough evidence for charges to have been brought a long tom ago. the audio that you just played is self explanatory. you can hear the guy is screaming in terror, and for there to be no charges against the police at this time is just a miscarriage of justice.
4:33 pm
>> cenk: kevin let me read you some of the statements that we got from the lake county state's attorney's office. we called them earlier today: >> cenk: how do you respond to that? >> well, it's pretty simple. they are not denying that he died at the hands of these officers. we had six officers who were actively on top of him beating him. we have audio tape of him begging for his life, saying please don't kill me, but when he was brought out afterward, he was on a stretcher and in a coma by the time he left his apartment building. they had him pinned to the ground underneath him his hands underneath him. he had no weapon and yet they can't find a sufficient basis to determine that there's causes
4:34 pm
that be brought. i don't know if they're concerned that every case that involves these officers, much like there's been some past problems that now will resurrect themselves and call into question any kind of confessions they've received, things of that nature, because obviously the reports that they brought are completely conflicting with what actually happened and what's been found on the audio tape and what's shown on the pictures. >> cenk: have you submitted new evidence? >> the new doctor i guess a board certified pathologist. the previous coroner mr. yancy was a police chief in a suburban county here who he, himself had been charged with police brutality, so to look at his opinion, undetermined and then at the one of a actual board certified pathologist who can read and interpret the evidence
4:35 pm
in front of him when he determines that it's a homicide, it should be strongly looked at and really looked at from a different perspective. >> cenk: that's interesting that you brought that up. the attorney for the seven involved officers, laura scary said dr. rud the new coroner made. >> cenk: ralph what's your reaction to that? >> he is using that for an excuse. all the evidence is right there in your face. have you read any of the officers's reports no they are all conflicting. she is just grasping for draws because all the evidence is point-blank. >> cenk: the lake county state attorney also gave this statement to "the young turks":
4:36 pm
>> cenk: it does seem oh have a bit of a dismissive tone. what do you take away from her claim of purported new evidence? >> well, what you're dealing with here is the police investigating the police, and we're asking for an objective look at this. we called upon the city council to get the u.s. attorney involved. we know that even the current state's attorney as well as the former state's attorney has very close ties with the city officials in north chicago. it is a very dangerous prospect to say that this is getting an objective look at these facts. i have represented with my law if you remember at least 10 other victims of abuse in north chicago, others of which have had brain damage, where this has been a repeated pattern of abuse, where mr. peterson has brought forward the videotapes from booking rooms within from
4:37 pm
evidence that came within the actual democratic itself, unjustified beatings and no criminal charges have ever surfaced against any of these officers even though it was caught on tape. >> cenk: one last question. does it make you afraid to call the cops, given to how they have reacted to some african-americans in the area? >> most definitely. so be honest with you me and my wife was riding through there just the other day and this is what is really a kick at the teeth, the actual officers that beat darrin hanna to death, you know, my wife really got afraid. she was ready to get out of town. they actually looked over at us and smiled and were nodding their head, and this is what really hurts. they're running around town telling everybody that they're not worried because this new sitting state's attorney has got their back. that hurts, man. >> cenk: i can certainly understand why. ralph peterson and kevin o'connor, thanks for joining us on "the young turks." we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. >> cenk: when we come back, mary jo white is named to be the head
4:38 pm
of the s.e.c. by president obama. why is that a huge problem? wait until you find out her background. unbelievable. >> you should be aggressive where there is crime but what you should not do, what you should not do is fail to extinguish between what is criminal and what is just mistaken behavior. (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time.
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>> mary jo white has just been appointed by the president to regulate the wall street banks and make sure they're in line. who is she? she used to be the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york where she oversaw wall street. well she then left and worked for about a decade defending wall street denyingers.
4:42 pm
she worked in a firm has represented white color defense attorneys representing those bankers, including john mack, eventually hired to be the c.e.o. of morgan stanley. it was said: >> cenk: they're send ago signal. we will not be holding wall street accountable we just hired their lawyer. "the new york times" received criticism of that and removed that sentence later in the article, because they realized how ridiculous it was that they were doing stenography for the
4:43 pm
government. gary aguire realized there might be inside trading. it caused a phone call from mary jo white to his superiors. that that is how the bankers got away with everything. the person who helped them do
4:44 pm
that, mary jo wait, the person just put in charge of regulating the bankers. this is a sick joken all of us. if you're not convinced yet listen to mary jo white back in february of 2012. on this panel is lenny brewer, in charge of the criminal division or who was in charge of it at the justice democratic. another guy who says we cannot ever prosecute the banks but also eliot spitzer and leon brow ski. one of side does she go on? >> anymore you've got a financial crisis of the unprecedented dimension and scope of what we've been going through, you're going to have crimes being committed, you should be aggressive where there is crime. what you should not do is fail to extinguish between what is actually criminal and what is just mistaken behavior, what is even reckless risk-taking and not bow to the frenzy.
4:45 pm
>> cenk: just mistaken behavior. you wouldn't want to bow to the frenzy and prosecute any of the bankers. she's of course, not picked despite her saying that she won't prosecute bankers she's pick because she says she won't prosecute bankers. i'm bringing in michael shure and david is suroda. david, you wrote about this earlier today. what's your take on the obama administration's signal here to the bankers? >> in a sense it's an amazing political pick in that the obama administration is banking on the idea that the elite media and politicians will see the word prosecutor in mary jo white's resume and say that means she must be tough on crime forget that she hasn't been a prosecutor for a decade and has been defending the biggest most powerful wall street c.e.o.'s in
4:46 pm
the country. politically, it's banking on voters, on the elite media simply not knowing who she really is. i think as a citizen as somebody concerned with the fact that the administration hasn't prosecuted a single wall street banker connected to the financial crisis, i think this is a terrible pick. i think wall street is celebrating right now saying the person who's in in the s.c.c. looks like she's going to get tough on us, but we know she has a record of defending our interest. >> >> cenk: the new york times explains she's not going to face much opposition from the republicans. >> shocking. >> cenk: michael david and i are clear on this. what's your take? >> i agree with you which is not something we always do. i think that it's actually pretty shocking that this appointment came down. the only -- i was trying to think about what was the only reason. maybe david has insight in this. the only reason they could make this choice is they feel she would be good at implementing
4:47 pm
the dodd frank rules that came out of the congress and have not been i am implemented to their fullest extent. >> that really is a stretch. i'll tell you why there's two reasons why. one, she doesn't have much experience, very much experience in terms of big experience dealing with the securities industry. she's been known as prosecuting terrorism. the other point in this, which it got very little mention is that her husband is currently at a law firm, a private law firm that has been lobbying to weaken those regulations. i don't want to imply that spouses automatically do what each other want them to do in their professional jobs, but if you put all of it together, i can't believe that's the reason they are putting her in there. >> cenk: the thing that bothers me the most is this resolving door that we've all talked about. they go into government and then go get paid millions of dollars by law firms to defend those
4:48 pm
guys. you can guarantee her a million dollar paycheck for not prosecuting the guys. david, michael, thank you. when we come back, we've got the grandson of the founder of scientology on the show. scientology's been in a lot of trouble recently. we'll tell you why and then he has an amazing insight into it.
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of depression or other mental health problems which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked. it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> cenk: scientology is a fascinating religion. they've been getting in a lot of trouble lately and throughout their entire existence. people he who were part of this religion come out and say not in favor of what they're doing inside. there's a new book.
4:52 pm
cnn recently featured it here. >> lawrence wright if his new book "going clear." he put scientology under a microscope. he focuses on scientology's obsession with celebrities. it delves into the tight relationship between tom cruise. researching and writing the book, he found travolta had a troubled relationship with the church threatened to be outed as a gay. wright follows the leader, at times using physical violence to
4:53 pm
get his way and punish subordinates. >> cenk: but there are a ton of celebrities who are scientologists. the list goes on. every time i see that list, i get a little disappointed. some of those guys are awesome actors that i really love. i'm not a believer in any of the religions, so, but this one is troubled in some ways, in rewards to the controversies. nowen oh the other hand, they do have 8 million members estimated worldwide. through their large networks of corporations, they've got about $500 million in annual revenue. i want to bring in somebody who knows a thing or two about this religion the great grandson of the scientology founder, l. ron hubbard. thanks for joining us.
4:54 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> cenk: now, i believe that you have charges against the church, as well, what are those? >> charges against the church. i have a legacy when i spoke out about them. they showed up at my door, hunted me quite a bit. since then, i've met tons and tons of scientologist that have left the cult at this point and seen the damage that it continues to execute on people all over the world. >> cenk: so, first of all when they come to your door, is that a legal issue? did you call the cops? >> no. my mom actually handled them. l. ron hubbard's granddaughter actually kicked them off the porch. i don't think they understood that that's what they were walking into. usually people handle critics are part of a branch they have called osa, used to be known as the guardian's office until l. ron hubbard's office went to
4:55 pm
jail and they changed the name of it. they handle the dirty tricks that they call black ops send private investigators after you tap your phones, dig through your trash harass you anything they can do to slowly whittle you down. >> cenk: how do they get all these celebrities to sign on? i don't believe in religion, but it's one thing to say this is a religion you're born into, you grow up in it, it's another thing to convince somebody to believe in a new religion like this. how do they do it? >> a lot of it preys on narcissism. it's a period in self mastery and you'll reach a level of god-like status, be able to move through space and time and be a member of all your alien souls that possess your body and free yourself from this skyify
4:56 pm
imprisonment. in early levels, it works where you have electrified hypnosis sessions. it focuses on you and your past lives, you're told you're you a good like creature. you become more and more insulated, watched guided by scientologists themselves. they have handlers. they also specifically direct themselves to acquire celebrities. that's been a policy ever since l. ron exploded. even elvis presley turned down scientology. they try to cater it to celebrities. celebrities get a very different flavor and brand. they're insulated from a lot of the nasty year aspect of it, they've got the money and can move up the pyramid quicker than
4:57 pm
others. >> cenk: as i look at that, i think how bright can you be if they manage to convince you that you're a previous alien and god like. is it really in your opinion a case study in how you can brainwash people? >> i think it's one of the most brilliant and devious systematic brainwashing system that's ever been invented. no one's ever accused my agree grandfather of being an idiot. it works through electrified hypnosis through past life regression therapy through a lot of hodgepodge of ideas that you sort of throw together with this extremely brutal sort of security sense and it's kind of like c.i.a. structure that becomes really intoxicating to people. to me, people who have been out of the cult, i mean yeah, you want to ask them about aliens, but the fact is these are smart people they've just been completely destroyed
4:58 pm
systematically. >> cenk: the great grandson of scientology founder l. ron hubbard. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> cenk: we'll be back with one last thought.
4:59 pm

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